Icons459-ball is the world's most widespread pool discipline, which is played according to a uniform mode. The game is played with balls 1 to 9 and the whites. The colored balls are built into a diamond, with the one at the front tip and the nine in the middle. The object of the game is to sink the nine into any pocket with one correct push. The player at the table must always play the ball with the lowest number first. If he sinks any ball afterwards, he can continue playing, otherwise the opponent comes to the table. The balls don't need to be announced. An important special rule can come into play immediately after the opening shot, namely if the player cannot play the ball with the lowest number directly. Then he can play “push out”. He can play the white anywhere. Then the opponent decides whether to take over the position himself or to let the person who played the "push-out" take over the table. If the opening stroke hits nine, the game is won. If the nine falls during the game, even unintentionally, the game is also won. In the event of a foul, “ball in hand” applies to the whole table.

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