Icons4610-Ball was only added to the discipline program a few years ago. It developed because the number of really good 9-ball players grew steadily and new challenges were sought. It's a combination of 9-ball and 8-ball. In order to contain the luck factor that is characteristic of 9-ball, each ball must be announced for a hole in the 10-ball. Otherwise you play the ball in the order in which it is numbered, starting with the lowest. Whoever sunk the 10 in accordance with the rules won. If the ten falls on the opening stroke, it is built up again. An important special rule can come into effect immediately after the opening stroke, namely if the player cannot play the ball with the lowest number directly. Then he can play “push out”. He can play the white anywhere. Then the opponent decides whether to take over the position himself or to let the person who played the "push-out" take over the table. If you sink a ball into an unannounced hole, it stays off the table and the opponent continues the game. In the event of a foul, “ball in hand” applies to the whole table.

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