Straight Pool

straight poolIn this game the ball and bag must also be announced. The game is played with 15 colored balls and the white one. There is no order, each ball can be pocketed. There is one point for each pocketed ball and whoever reaches a certain number of points first wins the game. A player can pocket a maximum of 14 balls. Before the 15th and last ball on the table can be sunk, the other 14 balls are built up again to form a triangle, with the front tip of the triangle remaining free. Once this has happened, the game continues. The 15th ball does not necessarily have to be played. But the rule is that after each collision either a ball has to be pocketed or it has to touch a board. In the opening shot, either a announced ball must be pocketed, or two colored players and the white player must touch a gang. Failure to do this will result in a penalty of two minus points. If the white player falls, the player must play from the head field. One point is deducted for each foul, 15 points are deducted for three consecutive fouls and the player must take a new opening kick under the same conditions as at the beginning of the game.

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